Alfred Blanch, DVM and PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), has emerged since the beginning of his career in the nineties, as a technical and marketing professional in the field of animal nutrition and health. In addition to the research project carried out during his training as a scientist at the UAB, he has also developed research projects at the University of Nottingham (UK) and the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany).

After an initial period in the world of research, he joined the headquarters of the multinational Roche Vitamins (Basel, Switzerland), where his career evolved towards strategic and operational marketing in the field of feed additives, globally. Subsequently, he has held various management functions in the company Andersen SA (Barcelona, Spain), expanding his knowledge of additives and ingredients and incorporating some veterinary drugs into his professional background.

Moreover, throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to complement his professional skills by attending courses in business schools in Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

His route through academia and in the private sector has allowed him to work closely with a broad range of additives and ingredients for animal nutrition, such as enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, essential oils, phytogenics, organic acids, carotenoids, vitamins, mycotoxin binders, porcine plasma, wheys, soybean protein concentrates, fats, vegetable oils, fish meal and oil, and, as well as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for veterinary use.

At the same time, his itinerary has brought him extensive experience in various business areas such as technical services, strategic and operational marketing, sales management, business development and deputy general management, as well as providing him with an extensive international network with other professionals. He is therefore an international professional with a cross-disciplinary vision of the animal nutrition and health business.