Technical & Marketing Services for Animal Nutrition and Health

Addimus, a technical and marketing services supplier, specifically for the animal nutrition and health industry, can be of great help for companies in this sector, both in the scientific and technical area and in strategic/operational marketing and business development. The leitmotif of Addimus is to manage information and knowledge and make it profitable, always from a comprehensive view of the animal nutrition and health business.

Producers and distributors of feed additives and ingredients, as well as veterinary drugs, increasingly require more dedication to the planning and management of their activities, because of the great number of competitors, increasing globalisation and the continuous concentration which the animal production industry is experiencing.

Addimus offers, in order to overcome this challenge, a collaboration characterised by absolute trust, which is close to and tailored to each client. The objective of Addimus is to work hand in hand with its customers, to accurately understand their needs and goals, and in this way optimise efficiency in the progress and results of the projects involved.